Deciding what kind of journalist to be seems like one of those things you can't really do. Like teaching someone how to be an artist, it feels like something better left to time and fate. But as I take myself more seriously and go all-in on this path, I've embraced the need to determine this for myself with immediacy. 

I've debated with my journal again and again what stories I want to tell, but there's a distinct contrast between those I find most important and those I actually want to report. As I think through how I want to craft the next phase of my life, I tend to think in more vivid detail than I have in the past, when I would leave my life up to fate (aka to others). The whole "your life is art" mantra has me organizing my thoughts in a way that tries to be honest about my essence and the aesthetic I want my life to imbue when I look at it from above. What colors and shapes go well together and what will the message be?

A wonderful picture is emerging as I make lists and scribble thoughts. How powerful to make decisions and move forward without hesitation, knowing the picture you're painting is entirely your own.